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Sun's Out, (burger) Buns Out!

Sun's Out, (burger) Buns Out!



If you are anything like us, the first two things on your mind when you see the sun are invariably, barbeques and beer gardens! We’ve checked the forecast, it’s looking good for the next few days at least so it’s time to get the barbie fired up before it’s back to wellies and jumpers. We’ve trawled Pinterest for some tasty food and drink ideas. Happy eating!




What's a BBQ without a burger?  Exactly.  It's all about how you pimp it up.  Get loading!

Yes please.




More than a side! I'll take the lot.

Yeah, it’s veg…but look at all that butter!




You can't very well have a BBQ without a refreshing cocktail.  That would just be madness.  We've picked a classic - the Margarita.  Time to get the party started!

Tequila, it makes us happy!




No meat? No problem! This looks just as good as the Elvis burger above.

This looks good enough to fool the keenest of carnivores!




Sweet tooth should be kicking in about now.  Try this, it's got our mouths watering!

Here’s another of your 5 a day!




After a hard day's grillin', kickback and relax with a boozy ice lolly!