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Our Top 5 TV Dads!





We’ve all grown up under the wing and wisdom of some of the most legendary TV dads of all time.  Let’s celebrate our mutual affection and admiration for these heroes this Father's Day with some of their best advice, words of wisdom and general wit!





Of course, you wouldn't leave your own kids with any of them but they are at least good for entertainment value.  






1.  Peter Griffin - Family Guy 


  A liability.  His kids are more adult. 



His ideal gift:   Roadhouse!






2.  Frank Gallagher - Shameless  


  he'll probably nick your carry out, but he loves his lot.  



His ideal gift:   Probably something that'd land you on the wrong side of the law! 






3.  Homer Simpson - The Simpsons 


 The type of dad that would leave you on a bus, but he's all heart.  



His ideal gift:   A six pack of Duff and some donuts.






4. Bob Belcher - Bob's Burgers 


 unlimited burgers...enough said! 



His ideal gift:   Probably anything but a burger! 






5.  Dan Conner  - Roseanne  


 Patience of a saint.  



His ideal gift:   Poker set or earplugs would do it!





Looking for a top gift for Dad? Check out our great Father's Day collection below... 





                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     all images courtesy of Pinterest.