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The lads having some good clean fun!


The buzzword in the office this week is undoubtedly and unsurprisingly, Trainspotting. The sequel, T2 hit cinemas last week as a much anticipated follow up to the original, regarded by many as one of the greatest films of all time. Personal reviews aside, the nostalgic tone of the film has got us in the same mood. So we’re taking a look back almost 21 years (anyone else wondering where the hell that time went?) to ’96, the year Trainspotting was released and British film making took a leap forward.

Renton out for a casual jog!

Britpop was in full swing with Oasis at the height of their game and the Spice Girls were taking over the world with loud shouts of Girl Power!  We were still getting to know our good pals from the Big Apple with Friends still being a relatively new TV programme. It was the year England made it to the Euro 96 semi-final and the year that Tickle Me Elmo was on every kids wish list, causing mayhem in toy stores up and down the country, it basically broke Christmas!

Oasis didn't want their music in the film because they genuinely thought it was a film about trainspotters... but I'm sure they didn't look back in anger


Still here for us!


Phones were getting smaller rather than bigger and the nation was left in mourning as Take That split up. It was a simpler time and wrapped in cotton wool we sat down to watch Danny Boyle’s gritty, eye opening Scottish drama about a group of heroin addicts living in an economically deprived Edinburgh. It was a hard hitting, ground breaking, emotional rollercoaster of a film which rightly deserves it’s cult classic status. It was to be a film of many firsts, intravenous drug use for one, but more importantly…it’s where skinny jeans started.  Yes, Ewan Bremner who plays soft-hearted Spud, claims that Trainspotting invented skinny jeans. Who’d have thought it?   

The loveable Spud sporting skinny jeans whilst we were all swaggering around in rain sodden flares!


We can’t talk about the music of ’96 without mentioning the soundtrack to the film, still regarded as one of the best motion picture soundtracks ever and I have to agree, my CD certainly got played to death! Features tunes from Iggy Pop, New Order and Lou Reed’s Perfect Day which was used in perfect contrast to the scenes it was featured in.

Might be time to dust this one off...


Here’s a shot of our loveable tearaways; Spud, Renton, Sick Boy and Begbie then and now. (Just in case this walk down memory lane hadn’t made you feel old enough already!)


Ageing well, we'd say!


We’d love to hear your reviews and thoughts on T2 Trainspotting! We’ve not all seen it yet though, so no spoilers….