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Binge Worthy Box Sets For A/W



Winter Is Coming! 


With summer well and truly over, now seems like the perfect time to find yourself a new box set to lose yourself (and countless hours/days/weeks ) in!  For all us Game Of Thrones lovers, it’s time to forget it and move on…at least until 2019 if the cruel rumours are to be believed.


Nothing beats getting in from work, drawing the curtains and setting up camp on the sofa for a right good box set binge session! It’s what winter is for, right?


So we’ve asked round the office and rounded up the more popular choices for you to mull over.

Happy bingeing.





So here are our top recommendation, in no particular order....... 

Disclaimer: we cannot be held accountable for any missed appointments, cancelled plans or any subsequent loss of social life.






1.  Game Of Thrones.

7 seasons, 60 episodes.

Sure you have all heard of this one but to recap...warring families and heirs fight for control of the Seven Kingdoms whilst a dark force threatens them all. Everyone should watch this one.





2.  Orange Is The New Black

5 seasons, 65 episodes.

A good, easy watching series set in a female prison in upstate New York.




3.  The Wire

5 seasons, 60 episodes.

A gritty two sided tale of the dark, dangerous world of narcotics! A classic series that should be on everyone's to do list!





4.  Dexter

8 Series, 96 episodes.

With 96 episodes, this one is a big commitment, but we are assured it is worth it.  Dexter follows the double life of a vigilante blood spatter expert in Miami...





5.   Stranger Things

1 season, 8 episodes.


With season two landing on Netflix, now would be the perfect time to get the first season under your belt.   A sci-fi thriller starring Winona Ryder with a cool 80's feel and amazing soundtrack to boot.





6.  Westworld

1 season, 10 episodes.

Based on a 70's film of the same name, Westworld brings us cowboys and robots, well cowboy robots, what more could you want in a TV show?!





7.  Twin Peaks

2 seasons, 30 episode.


A cult favourite, which you'll either love or you'll hate.  David Lynch at his finest with this series based on the investigation in to the murder of a young woman in a small American town.  




8.  The Sopranos

6 seasons, 86 episodes.

Another cult classic following anxious Tony Soprano while he deals with family and the mob life.




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