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Winter Ombre Nail Art Tutorial

Did you catch our last tutorial on the candy cane inspired Christmas nails? If you’ve tried them and you're looking for a new challenge, we got nail art enthusiast Risa Moro to create another festive look using our Models Own range – this time we’re trying to create the perfect Winter Ombre. A gradient style nail art is perfect for pairing with your Christmas party dress – you can mix up the colours and either make it match or contrast your outfit. Follow this simple tutorial to make your nails stand out this season. To see more from Risa, follow her on instagram (@RisaMoro) or twitter (@risamoro).

Firstly get your supplies together, you will need Models Own Diamond Luxe nail polish in Oval Plum and Emerald Green, as well as a top coat, make up sponge, lip brush, nail varnish remover, sellotape and scissors.

1. Prepare the nails and use a base coat to protect them from the dark varnish, once you’ve got the nails prepped for your design – paint each nail with one layer of the Diamond Luxe Polish in Oval Plum. This is the base colour for the design and will make the style pop.

2. To avoid any mess, cut strips of sellotape to wrap around your nails and cover the areas you don’t want varnish on.

3. To create the ombre effect, wait until the plum latyer has fully dried and then take your make up sponge and paint a strip on the Oval Plum colour along the top and the Emerald Green underneath, overlapping slightly. Once complete, sponge the gradient onto the nails in a rolling motion of left to right, repeat this process a few times letting the nails dry in between. You can then control how dark you want the colours and also it allows the colours to mix evenly, allowing for the transition from pink to turquoise.

4. Take the sellotape off and dip the lip brush in the nail varnish remover to clean up any stray nail polish on the skin. Once the nails have tried apply your Models Own Top Coat to smooth our any bumps and add extra shine to your nails.

Christmas ready Winter Ombre nails it 4 easy steps! Check out our current selection of beauty gifts as a small treat for yourself or a cute stocking filler for someone else. If you give this look a go – tag us on Instagram using @uscfashion so we can see the results!