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We Talk 'Denim' With Tommy from Diesel

Q. Hi Tommy, great to catch up with you again. What’s been happening at Diesel this season?
Hi all at USC. Really nice to do the Q&A for you, and really exciting to tell you more into depth what has been happening in Diesel this season.
There is a lot going on with denim this season, especially in terms of washes and fit. Comfort is the word, not only in fits, but in quality and hand feel as well.
We have a lot of technicity to the denims as well. Talking about how we do treatments and how we are able to make unique washes for the seasonality.
The colour for the season is BLUE. Indigo is back on trend, and together with black and grey tones in the denim that already are a trend, we have the full range of washes to complete the looks.

Q. Our Spring/Summer lines are looking really exciting, and one denim style in particular we all love is the 'Sleenker' mens jeans. Could you tell us a bit more about the style?
Sleenker is a style that really suits the Northern Europe countries and the skinny and slim fit is on trend and getting stronger due to the fact that rock 'n'roll and clean silhouettes are both young and fashionable.
It is a move on from Tepphar which is a carrot shape and skinny fit, wider in the thighs and top and a dropped crotch. Tepphar is really versatile and could be a considered a street wear fit. Sleenker on the other hand is slightly lower in the waist, and more of a classic rock fit - but still it is versatile enough to wear together with formal wear.

Q. Unlike women, we see a lot of guys steer clear of slim or skinny styles. What makes Sleenker unique for every denim lover?
What makes Sleenker unique is the fact that it is easy to wear and goes to anyone that would prefer a slimmer fit. We always use soft fabrics in this style and because of the waistband being wider it does not feel too low waited. But, on the other hand it emphasis the classic skinny rock attitude and give a really tough and cool look.

Q. As well as our new season denim, what other key products should we be looking out for?
You should definitely look out for the washes in our classic fits like Waykee, Larkee that are regular jeans and Zatiny with a small boot cut.
We are delivering a strong offer in all our classic fits and we are proud of what we are able to deliver in terms of development in denim and looks.
I think the trend is moving towards a more regular/slim fit in the future, with more attitude in how you style the look and most important with a slimmer foot. Easy to play with washes, and really clean silhouette makes it desirable.

Q. How will you be wearing your jeans this Summer?
I will be wearing something comfortable and the same time something directional and cool.
At daytime in summer, I would look for something soft and with a lighter wash. I would wear a fit called Krayver or the already mentioned Tepphar with a lighter wash and a narrow foot. It could be regular in the waist and thighs, but I prefer the slimmer foot that goes to any kind of footwear.
If you want to take it further, roll up your summer jeans to look more relaxed and with a rough attitude.