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Valentine's Day Food Hacks

Whether you’ve got a hot date lined up or you’re spending the weekend drinking with your best mates (and avoiding Tinder at ALL COSTS), we’ve found some easy peasy Valentine’s Day food hacks for you to try out! From nutella calzones to heart shaped pizzas and doughnuts, check out our favourites from our Pinterest food board:

Butterscotch Heart Shaped Tarts
butterscotch heart shaped tarts
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Heart Shaped Sandwiches
cute heart shaped sandwiches
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Valentine’s Day Breakfast
heart shaped toast and eggs
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Red Velvet Cupcakes
valentine’s red velvet cupcakes
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Mini Heart Shaped Cheesecakes
mini heart shaped cheesecakes
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Heart Shaped Pepperoni Pizza
heart shaped pepperoni pizza
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Cherry Doughnut Hearts
cherry heart shaped doughnuts
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Nutella Stuffed Mini Calzones
nutella stuffed mini calzones
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