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USC Oxford Street Staff

So it’s been a busy week for us! The most important thing that’s happened is the launch of our brand new store in the heart of London’s premier shopping destination, Oxford Street. To find out what’s been going on from the people in the know – we caught up with our denim & footwear specialists about their new home!

Lois is our in-store denim specialist - she’s the girl you need if you have any questions about fit, washes or brands.

What do you think of the new store?
“I think we have created an exciting experience for our customers to shop in by giving them individual tastes of our different brands."

What is your favourite denim brand?
“My favourite denim brand is Noisy May because of the fit, also the classic fit Levis – I love the heritage of Levis and they have started introducing new colours and washes – that’s exciting."

Any Summer must-haves?
“My Summer must-have is definitely a great floral playsuit."

Oliver is a footwear specialist in the Oxford Street store, if you need any help with finding the perfect pair of new shoes - give him a shout!

What do you think of the new store?
“I love the new store! It’s so contemporary and we have a great range of concessions – the displays really bring the brands to life."

What is your favourite footwear brand?
“My favourite would have to be Puma – they have really fresh designs with vibrant colours, I really like their new range."

Any Summer must-haves?
“Puma Suedes, they have a strong classic style."

Head along to the new Oxford store to see what we’ve been up to –
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