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UNCUT SS14 Shoot : Ask Ana

You might have heard us talking about our latest photoshoot for the new season of Uncut this week, we were so excited to get our hands on the new season product! We were also pretty excited to get to spend some time with our make-up artist, Ana Cruzalegui…

Ana has some serious make-up credentials, she has worked with the likes of David Guetta, Game of Thrones, MIA, Missoni and Christopher Kane to name a few – she’s earned her reputation working in the fashion, film, advertising and music industries. As much as we were tempted to keep her all to ourselves and find out the best trade secrets – it seemed only fair to share the opportunity with you!

We asked you to send in your make-up questions on facebook & twitter using #ASKANA, here’s what she had to say about your questions….

Megan asked - “How do I get make-up to stay put – especially in warmer weather? My eyebrows and liquid eyeliner are my comfort blanket and I have dreams about a smudge free summer! <3"
Hi Megan, the trick to getting your makeup to stay put on those hot summer days is to invest in water-resistant/water-proof mascara and liner. MAC Chromaline is a great product for smudge free lines. When doing your brows try using an eyeshadow, this not only creates a softer effect, but also is less likely to melt away. No one wants a "whatever happened to Baby Jane" look. One last tip is to always keep a translucent powder and mini powder brush to dust down that t-zone. Keep the hi-shine on those cheeks!

Olivia asked – “The best colours for redheads?? X"
Hi Olivia, my favourite makeup colours to use on redheads are warmer toned brown eyeshadows and lush deep violets. Try pairing those moody eye shades with a peachy toned lippy and the chocolates shades with a splash of poppy red lippy. I love Electro Peach Lip Pout by Sleek.

Gillian asked – “How do you create the perfect eyeliner?"
Hi Gillian, my first tip for perfect eyeliner is to invest in a good flat firm angle brush. Try MAC 266. It's also easier to use a gel liner as this gives you time to create a clean line before it sets (unlike liquid liner). Take a bit of gel liner with the brush and apply to the top of your hand, this becomes your art palette if you will. If you tilt your head slightly back while looking in the mirror you get a clearer line view, start by creating a thin line on the center of your lashline, if you find it easier slightly pull the outer corner of your lid for support and continue drawing towards your outer eye. You can then go back and connect the line to the inner eye.

Hannah asked – “How can you make lip colour last without it going everywhere i.e. when your having a drink etc ?"
Hi Hannah, this is a very common question. It's all about the product you are wearing. A gloss will be the quickest to disappear. One thing I like to do is layer my lip colour...Firstly make sure your lips are dry skin free, Lush do a great lip scrub. Start by lightly blending foundation all over your lips, lightly powder (I use translucent), lip liner your lip and fill it in completely (use a similar shade), apply lipstick on top, and I like to top it with a tinted balm or hint of gloss for subtle shine.

Kirsty asked – “What foundation would you say is best for a fresh look?"
Hi Kirsty, my ultimate favourite fresh look foundation is Luminous Silk by Armani. It creates the most gorgeous glow! It's always an important rule to make sure the skin is well prepped before any foundation. Applying a good moisturiser assures a smooth application and a subtle sheen. I also like to apply a small amount of Weleda Skin Food moisturiser to my face prior to my cover up for a lush glow.

Carol asked – “Any tips for finding the perfect colour of lipstick?"
“Hi Carol, great questions. Start your perfect pout search by finding a colour that is one to two shades deeper than your natural lip tone. For Fair Skin: coral reds, dark reds, rose, anything with a pink undertone works nicely. For Medium/Olive skin, pink or cranberry shades, brick reds. For Dark skin, try reds with burgundy, or brown tones. Your hair counts too, the lighter is is, the brighter your lip colour will look. Don't be afraid to try new shades out! And remember, you can always create a subtle lip stain by lightly dabbing a brighter lippy on and finishing with a gloss or balm."

So there you have it girls, does it get much better than having make-up advice from a professional? Go fourth and look fabulous! If you fancy keeping an eye on what Ana is up to, go give her a follow on instagram, her tag is @anacruzmakeup

Also keep an eye out for the latest Uncut range, it’s going to be your go to brand this Summer and will start arriving on the site in the next few weeks. Keep checking the new arrivals, the new season womenswear is going to get you really excited about filling up your wardrobe!