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Top 5 Celebrity Instagrams of The Week

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Such a cute Bey Bey! Beyonce’s #throwbackthursday showed us that before she was a goddess, she was adorable. We always thought Blue Ivy looked much more like Jay Z – but you can definitely spot the mother daughter resemblance in this sweet snap! What a super star.

This looks like a slightly miss-judged Guess jeans ad from the 90s?! Madge, Miley, we’re on your team – but I’m pretty sure you’ve taken “more is more" a bit too far in this case; Denim, fringing, rhinestones, rips & appliqué?! Ladies - dial it down a notch!! However, we love Madonna’s attempt at the Miley tongue. 👅

Paolo is BACK! We were loving his live performance on the Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Grimmy this week. Even more exciting was the news that he will be performing at Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Glasgow – we WILL find a way to get tickets. Work field trip? Please?

Still no name, but Peter Andre posted this cute photo of him and Emily MacDonagh’s new baby girl on his instagram account. Apparently he favours the name Amelia, anyone taking bets on what they’ll go for?

We love Greg James & his videos - I think he probably wins as our favourite re-make of Miley’s Wrecking Ball! Also, our favourite part of the day is listening to the 10 minute takeover on the way home from work.

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