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The Versatility of the Bomber

The fashion industry often takes pieces from a military uniform and transforms it into mainstream wear. This has happened with military boots, the camouflage printing and probably most famously the trench coat, a timeless piece you can always rely on to make you look stylish. Now the essential military styling is the Bomber Jacket!

Originally designed for the pilot of fighter jets in World War 1 to keep the pilots warm in the high altitude of which the planes operated as well ensuring the design of the jacket remained streamlined enough for the pilot to operate the controls.

Then, once the wars were over the original use of the jacket was no longer required and lost popularity until it made its appearance in Hollywood in the 80’s when it was seen in Top Gun resting on the shoulders of a young Tom Cruise. This is when the jacket went mainstream, and it hasn’t really faded completely from the wardrobe of everyone.

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Now however the jacket is an essential with it starring in many catwalks with each designer trying to come up with an innovative twist to evolve the bomber jacket again. However what they need to realise is that this jacket shouldn’t be redesigned, but instead it should be slightly altered for the new season, but remain the same so the history of the jacket cannot be forgotten and the simplistic but effective design can still be fully appreciated.

The jacket can be worn in many different ways and most recently it can be seen by celebrities with a loose T-shirt, skinny jeans, pair of heels and then topped off with the infamous bomber jacket! This is a good street style and can be a quick way to dress in if you are going somewhere quick and looking for a simple style. However the bomber jacket can be worn differently.

Night Out
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Selection of Bomber jackets for the night out look need to be one I mentioned earlier which have subtle changes to make them suitable for the night out. Such as the bomber could be made from a heavier textured fabric which gives the jacket a higher quality appeal. Another alternation that could be made is to oversize the jacket however as long as the basis of the outfit is a night outfit.

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Smart Casual

If you’re heading out for a meal with your friends and need to be looking smart, on trend but still want to be comfortable, then you can use the bomber jacket as an overcoat! Benefits of doing this is that you will still be looking stylish and keeping warm plus it can allow you not to wear heels with your outfit and go with a casual pair of trainers or pumps.

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Alternative style is to go casual with your top such as a smart blouse matched up with a stylish but casual pair of jeans and then finish it off with a pair of heels and a bomber jacket! This outfit is simplistic yet still eye catching. Depending on the occasion and location this could be a comfortable outfit to feel confident in on a night out.

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Wearing the bomber jacket for a casual outfit really gives you the freedom to experiment with sizes, colour and embroidery. You can just wear the jacket to keep warm whilst you pop out to the gym or you can team it with a dress so it keeps the style you require for the day ahead. Even in the summer the bomber jacket can still be worn with lightweight options available which can be used to add colour and life to the most basic of outfits.

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