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The Ultimate Duvet Day

Does anyone ever need an excuse for a duvet day? If you do – here’s a perfect one, it’s party season. Epic nights out and parties require a period of recovery, it’s the ideal chance to grab your duvet and head straight for the couch in your favourite pjs, moving only for snacks and to change the channel. We’ve devoted our attention this week to working out exactly how to pull off the perfect duvet day – because it’s the kind of information that people need during the festive period.

First things first, hit that snooze button! A successful duvet day can only begin with a long lie. So pull the covers back over your head and don’t get up until you absolutely have to.

Once you get up, put on a new set of comfy pjs, grab your duvet and take it to your couch in preparation. You’ll probably be looking for some breakfast by now, we suggest a big stack of pancakes and bacon with some maple syrup – check out this recipe here for American style fluffy pancakes.

Once you’ve sorted yourself out with a weekend worthy breakfast, switch on Netflix and settle down to your favourite movie. 

It’s lunchtime now & your challenge is simple – make the most awesome sandwich ever made using the ingredients you have to hand in your kitchen. Get inventive and come up with a weird combination, leftover roast vs. cheese and onion crisps with burger sauce on a bagel? Why not, it’s your day!

After lunch it’s probably about time you settled down to a good boxset – whether that means re-watching series 1 of Game of Thrones or finally getting into The Blacklist, it’s the perfect time to watch something that all your co-workers have been raving about that you just haven’t got down to watching yet. (p.s. snacks are a must!)

Now that you’ve caught up on all your favourite TV shows, treat yourself to some online shopping. From the comfort of your sofa, check through our latest arrivals and bookmark your favourites.

When you hit dinner time, head over to and order yourself a pizza with all the toppings! While you’re waiting for that to arrive, treat yourself to a bubble bath with loads of candles, after that change into another set of clean pjs– after all, you’ve worked hard today!

After a few more hours of cheesy TV or movies head off to bed feeling relaxed and proud of yourself – you’ve pulled off the ultimate duvet day. Settle down for an awesome sleep and don’t forget to set your alarm for the next day, because nothing ruins a relaxed Sunday like accidentally sleeping in on a Monday.

If you’re planning your attempt at a flawless duvet day, make sure you pick up some essentials from our new nightwear – we’ve got robes, pjs and onesies for women and comfy tracksuits and luxury loungewear basics for men. Don’t forget cosy slipper boots for the girls and premium slippers for the boys.