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The USC Guide To Brussels

USC are excited to announce their first European store which is set to open soon in Brussels. Set in the vibrant new shopping haven of the fascinating capital’s Brussels Docks shopping centre (due to open mid- November).

More specifically you’ll find us situated within the lifestyle section of Sports Direct, our group partner. The new centre features fashion industry leading brands, so is a must visit destination for all you fashionistas!

Many of the team have holidayed in this beautiful city, so we decided to share some of our favourite Belgian hotspots for anyone who might be interested in paying the city a visit soon…

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The manneken-pis is a statue located by the Grand Palace, at Lievevrouwbroersstraat 31, 1000 Brussels to be precise or two blocks behind the town hall. Once you arrive, you will come across a statue standing at just 24 inches tall of a little boy urinating (forgive our childish sense of humour!). This statue is a bronze water fountain however the locals regularly dress the little boy up depending on the celebrations. This has become one of the most visited landmarks in Brussels.

Belgian Comic Strips Centre
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This is perfect for any age range, with the centre having tons of information on comics including the history, original stories and discover everything about Belgium’s most famous comic Tin Tin. The adventure into the comic world is completely worth the €8 entry but be sure to take a little extra for the souvenir shop.

Cantillon Brewery Tour
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There are many breweries in Brussels, however it is only Cantillon Brewery that will open their doors so that you can have a tour around. You will start the tour at the very first step of the brewing process and you will be guided through to the bottle of beer. You will be able to have a complimentary beer as well which comes included in the €6 tour price.
The Grand Place

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If you are into your architecture then the Grand Place is a must see. Here you can view the Town Hall which is the main attraction in the Grand Place as it stands at an impressive 96 meters tall. If you are planning to go in August then you might get lucky and see the flower carpet which happens every two years. Doesn’t matter if you can’ get there in the day as the buildings will be lit up at night, which is a worthwhile trip.

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If you love chocolate then Sablon will be heaven for you! With Sablon being famous for its chocolate, hosting some world renowned chocolatiers. This can be expensive but there is nothing stopping you from window shopping. The famous antique market is held at the weekends, then once done you can treat yourself in one of the many nice coffee shops or restaurants.

Horta House

Situated on the outskirts of Brussels but definitely worth the trip! Horta House allows us to gather a glimpse of the peak of the art nouveau era. Absolutely stunning! You will not be able to take photos inside (hence why there is no photo) which is disappointing, however, it is so memorable that you will not need to. A ticket into the house will cost €7 or student prices are €3.50, and you can only enter the house between 2p.m – 5:30p.m.