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The Puma Suede

“Back in 1968, the city scene was packed with hot chicks in hot pants and tall boys in basketball shorts. That was when Puma first lit a fire under cultures keister with the Suede silhouette. The industry rebel that said "nay" to ordinary leather, the Suede was a warm-up shoe made infamous by athletic greats such as basketball's Walt "Clyde" Frazier and the tracks Tommie Smith. It hit new levels of fame during the '80s dawn of b-boys and hip hop beats, taking over New York City blocks. And to this day, it remains Puma's most epic icon of sport-inspired style with its smooth suede and streetwise swagger."
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The Puma Suede has been re worked since the mid 60’s to become a fashion and cult icon in the UK. The Puma Suede is known for its choice in colour, and now there are more colours than ever to choose from. Blue Grass, Fallen Rock, Hot Coral and Regal Red are only four of the over 70 crazy shades Puma has made available to USC for men, women and children.

“Our customers cant get enough of Puma recently, especially in the wide variety of colours in Puma Suedes"
- Cat Fisher, (Store manager) Rotherham USC

Girls, your Puma Suedes are bright and adorable, you’ll want to show them off even when you’re not feeling athletic. But these trainers were designed for sports, what’s a girl to do? It helps if you match an element in your top. Wear your Pumas with skinny jeans rather than boyfriend or bootcut. Pumas go well with casual skirts in lengths ranging from mini to midi, preferably one with a few pockets. Throw on a polo shirt, for a preppy, sporty look, or wear it with a tight vest top for something a little more street.

For the boys Carrot or tapered jeans are a must with Puma suede trainers, show them off! Don't have them covered by bootcut jeans. Dress up with a shirt/ polo or keep it casual with a plain colour branded T shirt. Alternatively follow Travie McCoy from Gym Class Heroes. He turned up some dark carrot fit jeans then pulled them up to his knees to give a textured 3/4 look to go with his Puma Suede Classic in Regal Red/White. As always when your ankles are out, get some secret socks on.

To get your Puma Trainers and try out some different looks, go to Show us a photo of your new Puma Suedes by uploading one to twitter or instagram and tagging us @uscfashion.