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The Mod Subculture

There is something so appealing about the MOD subculture, due to its slick rebellious look. I can’t help but wonder how it would have been to be part of the originating group in London in the late 1950s.

With the subculture stemming from young men with money who wanted to listen to modern jazz, that cared about their appearance and took their style inspiration from the European continent.

The element I envy the most is the ability to dress in a well fitted suit every day, cruising along on a modified Lambretta, with excess mirrors to make sure the French crop hairstyle is not out of place.

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Now MOD’s have evolved their clothing, music and transport as the scooter is becoming less and less regular. So here is a little in look to my view on this subculture:

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To me the hairstyle can be the biggest indication of a MOD, I believe the best haircut for this style is the Ceaser cut which is instantly recognisable. This style screams MOD because it makes you stand out from the crowd, straight away identifying the sub culture you belong to.

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In my eyes I would love to see the MOD back in expensive suits however the clothing has evolved to more of a retro indie style rather than the original slick smart look. The latest evolutionary step within this fashion will have been from 90’s bands such as Oasis, which has had a strong influence on this sub culture. The release of Pretty Green has given a constant source to supply the needs of a modern MOD.

Pretty Green have now incorporated the tailoring and the artistic origins of this subculture together to bring a garment that contains the initial beliefs, but a design that still fits into the modern society.

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In the late 1950’s and early 1960’s the music played was modern jazz and would often bring many cultures together however this is no longer the music choice. The music has also evolved just like the fashion, as the choice of music or the sound you would associate with the sub culture now is rock n roll.

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After all it seems to be that MOD is a dying sub culture which might not be round for long which is disappointing. Instead it is becoming more of a style/fashion however I do hope for a re-emergence of the original ways of this stylish and rebellious group, as it has been such a valuable piece of British history and too cool to jut die out without a fight.

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