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The Denim Rules: Mens Jeans

It only took Goldilocks 3 attempts to find the perfect bowl of porridge, don’t you think the fairytale would have definitely lasted a lot longer if she had been searching for the perfect pair of jeans? Unless you are extremely lucky, finding a new pair of jeans is a time consuming task; they need to be the right colour, the ideal fit and the optimum length – because ultimately, you will probably wear them every other day. We have a huge mens jeans sale on at the moment, with up to 70% off leading brands like G Star, Replay, Diesel and 883 Police. To make it easier to choose the right pair for you, we’ve put together our 5 golden rules for choosing and maintaining the perfect pair of jeans.

When choosing the size of jeans, always go slightly above instead of slightly under your measurements. Don’t be afraid to get your jeans altered to make them fit properly, a tailor can make a pair of jeans smaller, but will struggle to make them bigger. Also, when washing jeans for the first time they are likely to shrink by up to 2cm, allow for this when choosing the length.

When your new jeans arrive, try the sit down test. This involves simply putting the jeans on and sitting down on a chair – If your job requires you to sit at a desk, your jeans need to be comfortable for that. If you feel like the jeans are too tight, send them back and get the next size up – it would drive you crazy!

So you’ve bought a new pair of dark denim or black jeans and they look sharp, the last thing you want is for them to suddenly transform into washed-out grey jeans. First of all, avoid washing them for as long as possible – not to the point where you're the smelly guy in the office, but don’t wash them as often as you would other clothes. When the first wash does become a necessity, wash them inside out on their own and do not tumble dry, this should avoid too much colour loss.

We’ve covered not washing them too often, but how do you keep them clean and fresh? It’s a bit weird, but it works - fold your jeans, pop them in a bag and chuck them in the freezer! Leave them overnight and take them out to thaw in the morning, once the jeans have thawed they're good to go. Putting denim in the freezer helps kill any bacteria and keeps your jeans smelling good.

Know when to invest in a pair of jeans and when to pick up a cheap pair. Having a pair of great quality, premium jeans really is an essential for any man – but having a pair of inexpensive, less precious jeans is equally important. There are going to be times when you need to do things like; paint the livingroom, bleed a radiator or fix something in your car, the possibilities for error and ruining your good jeans are endless in these situations. If you have a pair of trusty inexpensive jeans, it really doesn’t matter how wrecked they get – their job is to protect your expensive pair.