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#TBT - 10 Mens Trends We're Glad We Shook Off

Mens fashion sure has changed over the years, but there was a time in our teenage years when we thought we’d absolutely nailed it. 
From the ultimate baller-status accessories, badass outfits and the most coveted hair styles of the 00s, we narrow down the ten trends we’re praying won’t be making a comeback any time soon:

Frosted Tips
That ‘sun-kissed’ fro that guaranteed you a date to every school dance.

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Saggy Jeans
Nothing said ‘rogue’ quite like having your undies on show 90% of the time.

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Shaved Eyebrows

A serious ‘don’t mess with me’ move.

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Von Dutch Trucker Caps

Only to be worn with your best Ed Hardy tee.

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Rayon Shirts

A silky printed shirt to wear with your finest bleached denim at the weekend.

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Wallet Chains
The universal symbol for ‘I have Sum 41 on my walkman’.

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Getting us from A to B slightly faster than just walking.

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Matching Your Mrs

If it was good enough for JT & Britney and The Beckhams then it was good enough for us.

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Backwards Baseball Caps

The only people who could ever read your hat were the people behind you.

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Middle Sheds

We can all blame Nick Carter for this one.

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 Images sourced on Pinterest