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Secret Santa Inspiration & Tips

We understand that the little presents are just important as the big ones, but even the idea of shopping for the perfect office Secret Santa present can be chore in itself. Luckily we’ve rounded up our top mens and womens gifts and accessories under £10 available online at to spare you the hustle and bustle of weekend Christmas shopping.

L-R: SUCK UK Drumstick Pencils , Dean Morris Cards Moustache Mug ,
Icon Brand Straight Shoot Bracelet , Jack and Jones Original Hanless 5 Pack Socks,
New Era Canvas Belt , SUCK UK Emergency Money Box

L-R: Lipsy Ceramic Coffee Cup , At Republic Chandelier Earrings ,
 Lipsy Heart Slipper Socks , Lipsy Heart Slipper Socks, Eylure Jade Bow Nails ,
Eylure 107 Miss Flicklash False Eyelashes

There’s nothing more cringe inducing than watching your colleagues open blown budget presents while others receive gifts that are clearly a freebie from a cereal box. To keep you on the right path here’s some of our top tips for acing this years office Secret Santa exchange:

1. Know the budget!
Whether it’s £5 or £20, be imaginative and keep to the set budget. Secret Santa presents are for fun, not for flashing the cash.

2. Avoid your office crush
Unless you want a festive visit from the HR Grinch for buying your imaginary spouse an inappropriate present, get another name from the hat!

3. No giftcards
Nothing says ‘I was in Tesco at 10pm last night trying to find you a present’ quite like a gift card. You’ll be the water cooler topic of conversation ‘til March.

4. Know who you’re buying for
It’s going to happen to you at somepoint – you’ll pick the new guy or the terrifying boss’s name. Take this as an opportunity to find out more about them, be adventurous!

5. Say Thank You
Remember your manners.
You had to send a thank you card to your Great Aunt for those hideous socks, same rule applies here!

Check out our full range of selected 3 for 2 gifts and accessories for men and women, perfect for secret santa presents. Hurry though, our offer ends on Monday!