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SS15 Beauty With Lydia Rose of Fashion Influx

So with Spring finally here it’s time to ditch our Winter make up and switch up our beauty regime!
We caught up with the gorgeous Lydia Rose from Fashion Influx to find out what tips she could give us on skincare, keeping our hair in tip top condition and the nail colours she’ll be rocking this season.

Q. Hey Lydia, great to catch up with you! So with Summer on the way we’ve been looking at ways to switch up our beauty regime – do you have any top tips?
For summer I’m always about staying moisturised without ending up too oily – my skin is prone to oily patches so I always make sure my summer moisturiser is extra light and oil free.

Q. If you were only allowed to use 3 skincare products FOREVER, what would they be and why?
A good cleanser – facial wipes just don’t have the same effect!
SPF – I love being bronzed but I’d always rather fake tan than risk damaging my skin.
Moisturiser – I just find it helps my makeup go on a lot easier.

Q. Best budget beauty buys to keep to hand?
A good lip balm – nobody likes having dry lips!
A basic face powder – for touching up those oil slick moments.

Q. We’ve spotted lots of new beauty trends from fashion week - how will you be wearing make-up this season?

I’ll be going lighter for this season – tinted moisturiser, lip tints, sheer shadow. With all the vampy trends over A/W I’m just ready for something fresh and natural.

Q. What ‘secret weapon’ do you keep in your make-up bag?
A little pot of Vaseline. I use it on everything from my chapped lips to smoothing down my unruly eyebrows.

Q. What’s your thoughts on fake tan?
I love it! I usually go for something gradual though – that way if you do have a mishap you can even it out without too much fuss.

Q. We just LOVE your ombre locks -how do you keep your hair in such great condition?
I’m always using a good leave in conditioner to make sure I keep split ends under control, but I mostly keep my hair in check by rarely using heat on it. I usually let it dry naturally then scrunch it to give it a bit of texture rather than using the curling tongs.

Q. Do you have any failsafe hairstyles for busy mornings?
Braids! I’m always stalking YouTube tutorials for a quick and easy one to keep my hair out of my way.

Q. What nail colours will you be wearing this Spring?
I love a nude nail polish, but this Spring I think I’ll take it a bit lighter with a cream colour – something that’ll help show off a tan!

Q. Who’s your ultimate beauty icon?
I’d probably say someone like Lily Collins.. Mostly because she gives me major brow envy! Other than that it’d be a blogger or YouTuber – I love soaking up tips from Tanya Burr and the Pixiwoo sisters!