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With the eyes of the world about to focus upon Rio, I thought to take a look at what it has to offer except from the notorious Copacabana.Brazil means to me colour, music, party, flare and obviously sunshine. This blog will look at the things to do plus the things to munch whilst on your travels.


Alternate Beach To Copacabana

I am sure you don’t expect a blog to inform you about Copacabana (but if you do, this is not it), so I am going to tell you about the lesser known and quieter beach.

The beach of choice is Pista Claudio Coutinho, which is a scenic beach on the outskirts of Rio De Janeiro. To get here it is a 30 minute drive from the heart of Rio De Janeiro or just 40 minutes with the use of public transport that includes a 14 minute walk.

I know that your excitement will of dwindled since I mentioned walking however if you stick with it the rewards are worth it, TRUST ME!

However if walking is your thing, then the beach can cater for that with a 2km walk nature trail. Taking in the natural beauty Brazil has to offer.


The Tasty Grub

So if you’re one of those people that goes abroad then eats the same food as you do at home then firstly, you are boring, secondly, you may as well stop reading!

It would be very rude not to have the amazing barbecued meat from the barbecue champions. However you will feel like a balloon after the amount of choice you will be presented with and won’t be able to resist trying.

After your main , if you have any room left then just squeeze in the Brigadeiros, you won’t regret it! Brazils version to a chocolate truffle, a perfect way to end the meal. It is guaranteed that at least one night you will have one too many but don’t worry as Brazil have the cure to a hangover with their ‘Acai’ drink. This ‘super – food’ will have you ready for the day again.


Where To Kip

If you’re wanting to go to Rio on a budget then the Lemon Spirit Hostel is the perfect solution. With its perfect location situated in the Leblon neighbourhood a block away from the beach and within walking distance to a lot of great clubs and bars.

However if you are living the dream and not on a budget then I’m jealous, but there is loads of great options for you! My pick of the bunch would be the Grand Hyatt Hotel with a phenomenal view and interior. You will be able to eat like a king due to all the great food then sleep like a king in one of their rooms!

This hotel is a great hideaway which you can retreat to after a hectic day trying to fit in everything in that there is to do, in limited time you have Rio De Janeiro.


Things To Brag About

This section is about the things you won’t be able to shut up about when you return, this will probably result everyone’s eyes rolling wishing they could just shut you up or thinking when they can book their adventure.

The first thing to brag about could be the Parque Nacional Da Tisuca. This is where you can go and visit all that is left of the Atlantic rainforest. With this location offering so many sites to see such as the many waterfalls, the view after the hike to the top, 19th century chapel or even simply going for a picnic.


You can master your samba in the Lapa neighbourhood and before you learn the dance you can fuel yourself with tapas in one of the many tapas bars on offer. You may need  some alcohol to bring out your best moves or even to attempt the samba. So try one of the many bars buzzing with a great atmosphere. So no matter what, you will be dancing through the night well into the morning.

Then there is the more obvious stuff to see such as Christ The Redeemer, that allows you to visit the beautiful statue whilst seeing the incredible views. This is something you cannot miss out on!

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