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One Direction in Madrid - Blog Takeover by Competition Winner 'Stuart'

I had an amazing time and thanks so much to USC & Bellfield for it!

Our flight to Madrid was at 7am but I was so excited I couldn't really sleep so I left for the airport early! It was raining and cold in London and I went to Victoria station in shorts and a vest - to the shock of all the early morning commuters, but about 2 hours later (the flight was very quick!) it was worth it because Spain was BOILING and SUNNY! I was so happy.

We got the Metro and collected our One Direction concert tickets - the arena was massive! Then we went exploring the shops in Madrid (there were loads!) and got some food at a local pub. It was a bit hard to order because of the language barrier but the prices were really cheap - a beer was 99c (which is like, 70p for a pint) and it was quite strong strength so I could only have a couple! They had mini-burgers and fries for 99c each too, all really nice quality. The prices were a big shock, everything was cheap AND great value!

We then went to the hotel and checked in, it was amazing. It had a rooftop pool with a bar serving cocktails and overlooked the palace where the King of Spain lives – we had some great views! (I took some pictures).

Then we went to the concert, and it was amazing! Our tickets were VIP tickets so when we got there, the woman took us over to the lift and we had a little booth and a barman on hand to give us free beer and wine and soft drinks! We such a brilliant view right in the middle, and seeing all the Spanish fans screaming was really amazing too. After the concert my friend went to bed because we had to catch an early flight back home in the morning - but I went out to the discos in Madrid (I didn't want to waste any time)!

Thank you so much USC + Bellfield! I loved my first holiday outside the UK and One Direction were amazing! All of my friends were very jealous & I'm definitely going to go back!"