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Nike Tiempo '94

It’s 1994 in the USA and the 15th FIFA World Cup Finals has just given us a new icon. Whilst legendary footballers like Brazil’s Romario and Paulo Maldini of Italy lit up the world stage, the boots on their feet shone just as bright. The Nike Tiempo ‘94, the first Nike football boot to sport the Swoosh logo, played a staring role in the competition.
Now, 20 years on, on the eve of the 20th World Cup, Nike has reissued the Tiempo boot to much adulation. There is no doubting how special the OG Tiempo ’94 and the new Nike Tiempo V boot is, but you must be wondering why you’re reading about football boots on a USC blog?

Well, we’re getting to that now.

The Tiempo’s 20th anniversary sees Nike release a sneakerised version of the classic boot, making the transition from the pitch to the streets a little simpler for the football fanatics amongst you.

Despite looking like an indoor football shoe, the Tiempo '94 isn’t just aimed at those of you playing futsal at your local recreation centre on a Wednesday night. With its removable tongue flaps and transparent phylon midsole for additional comfort, it has the potential to attract an array of individuals to have for everyday wear.

The sneaker, consisting of mid and low cuts available in a multitude of coloured suede’s (black, red, grey and navy), is a profile all of the buyers in the office were instantly excited about.

Whilst we’re not fully stocked of all colours and cuts just yet, keep checking in here to see the full range, which will be coming online and to selected stores over the coming weeks in both men’s and junior sizes.