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Nail Art Tutorial - Paisley Gradient

We all love a bit of nail art - since the huge revival a couple of years ago, we’ve went nail art crazy… who can’t wait to post their #manicuremonday or search through tutorials on pinterest for the perfect marble nail? From a collection of a few lonely nail polishes and a file we’ve went to a box full of nail pens, decals, quick dry sprays and all sorts of glitter & embellishments to make sure our nails are bang on trend!

Last week we caught up with nail guru and all around creative lady, Risa Moro, to get the low down on creating paisley gradient nails. Risa has recently graduated from the University of Creative Arts with a MA in Fashion Promotion and Imaging. She also interns for a lifestyle brand and works as a freelance illustrator and stylist - this is on top of being extremely handy with a nail pen! We can’t wait to recreate these:

You will need:

Base coat
Top coat
Small sponge
Models Own Neon Nail Polish in Bubblegum
Models Own Velvet Nail Polish in Sardonyx
Models Own Nail Art Pen in White

Step 1
Start with clean nails, you will need a bit of space for this design – so if your own nails are on the short side, treat yourself to some falsies! to avoid getting any nail varnish around your nail, apply a small layer of Vaseline. First apply a base coat to the nail to avoid staining.

Step 2
Now apply the base colour,
Models Own Bubblegum Neon Nail Polish, all over your nails. Wait for this layer to fully dry before moving onto the next step.

Step 3
This is where you create the gradient effect, take your sponge and apply a small amount of the darker colour,
Models Own Sardonyx Velvet Nail Polish. Gradually sponge the colour onto each nail, starting at the tip but only going as far as the middle, you will then go back and sponge slightly more onto the tip.

Step 4
This is where it gets tricky – grab your Models Own Nail Art Pen, it’s time to draw on the paisley pattern. To draw the paisley nails, they key is to have a steady hand and a good even dotting technique. The pattern is made up from curved lines, circles and dots and you can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. The larger the nail surface, the more elaborate the design can be. You create a curved leaf shape with a curl at the end then add a few dots in the middle and along the curved line.

Step 5
Nearly finished! Get yourself a good quality top coat and make sure you completely cover the nail to avoid chipping and keep your perfect paisley talons for a little bit longer. Risa advised putting some top coat onto the back of the nail and the top as well for some extra protection against damage.

Now that you have your Paisley Gradient Nails, why not co-ordinate with some paisley prints from the new AX Paris range? We also have plenty of other new arrivals for SS14, so start stocking up your wardrobe. We can’t wait to see your attempts at this tutorial, upload a photo of your Paisley Gradient Nails to instagram or twitter & tag us @uscfashion