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Monkee Genes Sale

We have a little bit of a shopping addiction, pay day is a celebration in which we hit the shops completely forgetting that we blew all our money in the first week last month and had to survive on a diet of beans and super noodles! However, wouldn’t it make you feel a lot better about spending some cash on new clothes if you knew you were helping a good cause? Yeah, that would definitely help me justify a spending spree…

That’s where our range of Monkee Genes comes in – Monkee Genes are an ethical denim brand which have acreditations from both the Soil Association and The Global Organic Textile Standard. Every factory which they work with is vetted to ensure it meets their ethical standards with each process being examined from the cotton growth & picking to the content of the label and button. Organic cotton is natural, renewable and biodegradable, meaning your Monkee Genes have a much lower environmental impact than any other jeans you might own.

1. Classic Skinny Unisex Jeans in Black
2. Classic Skinny Unisex Jeans in Bamboo Dark
3. Classic Skinny Unisex Jeans in BambooWash
4. Monkee Genes Colours Skinny Unisex Jeans

We currently have a great range of Monkee Genes, including the styles above which are now only £12.99 – that’s a saving of over £50 on the RRP. Monkee Genes have been spotted on Louis from One Direction, My Chemical Romance and Keith Lemon – celebrities love what the brand stands for as well as the superior cuts and quality. Our range are all skinny fits and we have classic as well as coloured jeans.

The Monkee Genes have a unisex fit – which we’re all for, but when entertaining the idea of his & her denim ensembles, please head this warning:

Britney – stop smiling, you look ridiculous.

You can find a huge range of womens and mens jeans in our Destination Denim selection, Including premium denim brands such as G Star, Diesel, Replay, Levis and 883 Police.