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International Mens Day

Today we’re celebrating International Men’s Day – it’s a day to focus on mens health issues, promoting gender equality and celebrating positive male role models. Over at USC HQ we’ve been asking the men of the office to tell us which male role models they look up to and why. We had some great responses so we’ve decided to share the final list with you, enjoy!

David, Web Developer
“I’m choosing Peter Griffin from Family Guy – He’s always doing crazy things, what he wants when he wants and he seems to have a great time doing it. All the while he manages to hold down a job , a wife and 3 kids. That takes some doing, what a hero!"

Craig, IT Support
“I’m going to say Johnny Depp because he always does what he wants with his career. Rather than going into romantic comedies and making lots of money, he stuck with his character acting and now is the foremost character actor in the world in my opinion - even if he hasn’t been in a good film for a while…."

Greg, Digital Image Editor
“I look up to Tony Hawk. That sounds like a wee boy thing to say but he got me into skating and I love skating! If it wasn’t for the game ‘Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater’ I wouldn’t be into it at all. Plus he was the first person to land a 900 on a skateboard! WOW!"

Will, Senior Graphic Designer
“I’ll go with Ru Paul because he’s transforming the definition of what it is to be a man. Men in the traditional sense of the word is a boxed stereo type which is now outdated – he shows that there are no rules on what it is to be a man and his fan base is made up of men from every different background."

Paddy, Menswear Assistant Buyer
“Probably Ricky Gervais, I like the fact that he came from a working class background, worked hard at following his ambitions and ended up being an international star. I love his work, The Office is a British institution which my generation will be quoting forever. He also introduced the world to Karl Pilkington and he does a lot of charity work too!"

Cameron, Online Product Co-ordinator
“It has to be Benedict Cumberbatch, the man single-handedly brought back manners, wit and intellect to a TOWIE infested world."

David, Footwear Merchandiser
“I’m choosing Alan Shearer because he’s always positive, gives his all on the football pitch and never gives up! Also he chose his hometown club rather than the lure of more money/trophies – showing it’s not all about the cash."

David, Graphic Design
“Maybe Sir Ian McKellen – aside from being an amazing actor, he’s also been an activist for causes that he believes in. Plus, his best friend photos with Sir Patrick Stewart are incredible – did you see their trip to Coyney Island?!"

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