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How to Stick to Your January Fitness Routine

So most of us made a New Year’s resolution to get our beach bodies perfected in time for Summer, but after a few weeks of daily work-outs and trying to dodge the biscuit tin, there’s always the fear we’ll crumble before February!
To keep the positive vibes flowing, we’ve picked our favourite 5 hassle-free steps to help you stick to your January routine without overdoing it.

1. Make Realistic Goals

It could be as simple as taking the stairs instead of the lift, swapping your morning latte from full fat to half, or getting off the bus a stop or two early and walking the rest of the way, every little helps when you’re making a healthy lifestyle change!

2. Create a Motivational Pinterest Board

Take a break from planning your dream wedding, decorating your imaginary mansion or scoping for celebrity gossip and create yourself a new fitspo board! You’ll find everything you need on Pinterest to get yourself motivated, from inspirational quotes, healthy recipes, workout playlists and easy routines you can do at home.

3. Enjoy a Cheat Day

You’re only human! Satisfy your cravings and give yourself a day off with a cheat day once a week. Order dessert, go for a drink with your mates or chill out at home with your favourite take-away, this is your day to break the rules! You might find you stick to your diet better knowing you’ve got one coming up soon!

4. Switch up Your Routine

Even if you love the gym, doing the same routine every time you workout can get a bit boring, and research shows that it increases your chances of giving up! To combat the boredom, ditch the gym every so often and try something new! Find out about local classes, swimming centres or talk your BFF into going for a run!

5. Treat Yourself To a New Workout Wardrobe

You feel like a million dollars when you’re wearing the latest trends, so apply the same rule to your workout wardrobe. Boost your confidence by treating yourself to some new gym clothes or those trainers you’ve had your eye on all month. Check out our mens trainers or womens fitness clothing arrivals to get inspired!

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