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How to Cure Your Party Season Hangover

So you completely over did it last night and you're feeling rough? You've told everyone that you'll never drink again (....again) and you're hiding under your duvet scared to make any sudden movements. Don't worry - we've got your back. The party season is the best time of year, but it's also a time of brutal hangovers - nothing spoils the memory of a great night out quicker than the harsh light of day! This year we want you to be prepped and ready to beat that sneaky hangover and regain control. We had a quick research session and asked our team at head office to give us their top hangover wisdom to pass onto you, follow these steps to get back to feeling yourself in no time.

It’s an obvious one – but being dehydrated gives your hangover a nasty edge, try your best to drink a pint of water before you go to sleep to increase your chances of waking up hangover free. Leave another glass of water by your bed and drink that if you wake up through the night or in the morning . There’s also a lot of truth to your mum’s advice of always drinking a glass of water between each drink.

If you wake up feeling a bit shaky and not quite human, it’s a good time to break the rules on your pre-christmas diet and load up on forbidden carbs! It’ll help with lagging glucose levels and make you feel better. Some buttery toast with a few slices of bacon or French toast are brilliant ways to get yourself feeling back to normal. If you can’t stomach a big breakfast – replace some of the sugars you lost with a sports drink or a can of fizzy juice.

The worst hangover symptom ever is sickness, nothing will floor you quite like a day of hugging the toilet! Stop nausea in its tracks with a mug of ginger tea. Ginger in any form helps to settle your stomach and relieve your symptoms – so if you don’t like the tea you can try gingerbread or ginger ale.

We also asked some trusted members of staff here from the USC Web Team to give us the lowdown on their tried & tested methods for avoiding and curing hangovers:

Adrianne, Online Product Coordinator

“The vegan version of scrambled eggs - scrambled tofu, chuck in loads of red peppers, onion and green vegetables to boost your cysteine levels. If that sounds like too much effort, just remember that cysteine helps break down toxins in the liver, which you’ll definitely need the morning after- a little effort goes a long way!"

Emma, SEO & Social Assistant

“Flat fizzy juice, a bacon roll, a Netflix cartoon marathon and a good cry; some people might tell you they go for a run and have a healthy smoothie – those people are lying, ignore them!"

David, Web Developer

“Pickled onion monster munch and a chicken & mushroom pot noodle with a glass bottle of irn bru."

Adele, SEO Manager

“A pint of milk accompanied by Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs & all the carbs."

Ashleigh, Content Creator

“A FULL ENGLISH BREAKFAST! Water and lots of sleep!!!"

Paddy, Men’s Branded Assistant Buyer

“My favourite native delicacy, The Parmesan (Parmo), Middlesbrough’s most famous hangover cure. Don’t forget the garlic sauce!"

Greg, Image Editor

“Irn Bru or Lucozade are hydrating and include the sugar boost you need when you feel like death. If none of them are available a mountain of flavoured water will do instead! "

Cameron, Product Descriptions

“Hair of the dog with a vitamin boost always does the trick (science agrees !). A bloody mary is the classiest method if at hand, if not a vodka and orange with a berocca dissolved in it works just as well."

David, Graphic Design

“To combat the night before I tend to go for an ice pole- it has the magic combination of sugar and cold which seems to sort me out. If I am still feeling worse for wear I will veg out on the couch and watch Man vs Food."

Will, Senior Graphic Designer

“The couch and a pepperoni pizza from Sainsburys for breakfast with a lot of green tea; followed by a chicken pasty from Greggs for lunch and possibly a chippy at night! Failing that, a pint of Tennants."