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Helena Mulhearn: Top 5 Things to do in London

Oxford Street literally is my favourite place to shop, they have so many shops all within seconds of each other with a range of high street and high end brands - you cant beat a girly day on Oxford Street! Shopping is one of my favourite things to do whilst staying in London, which I'm sure is the same for everyone else. They literally have so many shops that my home town Liverpool doesn't have such as Space NX (which I have never been to) - so I can't wait to come and quite literally shop til' I drop. .

This is somewhere I have never been to but is definitely high up on my to do list. This is one of the most talked about places to go for breakfast and I certainly couldn't refuse some pancakes! I've been waiting to go here ever since I heard about it and I definitely won't miss it with its bright canary yellow colour scheme, will I?!


This probably seems so simple to those that live in London but for me there's nothing better than having a walk along the South-Bank especially in the Summer and just enjoying the views and watching all the hustle and bustle of London (with an ice cream in hand of course!). The South Bank is just one of my favourite things about London!

When I visit London, Camden is always a must for me. I love how bright, colourful and unique it is. You'd never walk around anywhere else and see buildings painted pink and blue! Personally I’m always grabbing a bargain whilst in Camden (usually scarves), which I can’t refuse, and I always really look forward to visiting there every year.


These are seriously the BEST thing ever, I can't resist Ben's cookies and we don't have them in Liverpool so they're a real treat every time I come to London! This picture is literally making me SO excited to visit again and try some new cookies!

Helena entered our #USCOXFORDSTREET blogger competition and was one of our runners-up! She has some great ideas about where to go in London! If you liked Helena’s blog, you can find her here :

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