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Healthy Living in 2016: Who to Follow on Instagram

health and fitness stars on instagram

You’ve almost survived the first week of January after the big Christmas binge,
but are you sticking to those new year’s resolutions you made?

Whether you’re committed to getting in shape, starting a new fitness routine
or simply just want to eat a bit better, if you’ve set your mind on some healthy
lifestyle goals this year these are the guys and girls you want to be following on
Instagram in 2016:

the body coach Instagram page
Get ‘Lean in 15’ with Joe Wicks – creator of the 90 Day SSS plan which gained
a massive following in 2015. His Instagram feed is packed with easy to follow
recipe videos, workout tips and inspiring progress photos from others
currently following the routine.

official crossfit Instagram page
Looking to start Crossfit this year or need some motivation to get back on track?
Head to the official Crossfit Instagram page and check out the latest photos and
videos sent in from people all over the world!

live green healthy food Instagram page
A healthy recipe hub boasting over 600K followers, Live Green Healthy
share the very best nutritional recipes from around the world. Check out
their 10 Day Detox plan to kick start your clean eating plan this year!

kayla itsines Instagram page
Kick start your 2016 fitness goals with Instagram star Kayla Itsines’
legendary Bikini Body Guide! Hailing from Adelaide Australia, Kayla’s page is packed
with sunny workout shots, easy recipe ideas and amazing transformation shots
from followers on the plan.

alex honnold Instagram page
Best known for his death-defying ascents on some of America’s biggest cliffs, follow
the journey of avid free-solo climber Alex Honnold and immerse yourself in a world
of stunning scenery and behind the scenes shots from his latest adventures.

happsters Instagram page
The home of daily inspiration, Happsters is a happiness blog whose mission is
spreading joy around the world. With the hope of helping as many people as they can
become as happy as possible, their morning mantras and encouraging
quotes are food for the soul.

deliciously ella Instagram page
Is eating clean your new year’s resolution this year? If so, you’ve probably heard
of health and happiness guru Ella Woodward by now. Join the 670K others already
following her for a daily dose of nutritional recipe ideas, super healthy snacks and
a sneak peek into her brand new London deli!

bj gaddour Instagram page
Not only is he their fitness director, Men’s Health Magazine have dubbed BJ Gaddour
as one of the “100 Fittest Men of All Time”. Follow his Instagram journey for videos
from his 21 day MetaShred plan to inspire your next workout.

fit queen irene Instagram page
Get down with your inner Zen in 2016 with the help of NYC based yoga goddess
Irene Pappas. Her Instagram feed is full of yoga pose tutorials and stunning imagery
documenting her travels around the world.

Mike marchese Instagram page
Dedicated to making you the fittest you’ve ever been, Staten Island based personal
trainer Mike Marchese shows us how it’s done with his daily feed of gruelling
workout videos and photos.

hemsley hemsley Instagram page
Step into the world of two food loving sisters, Jasmine and Melissa, whose passion
for natural and nutritious cooking has seen them create an international bestselling
cookbook and contribute to and The Guardian!

Shonda 1020 Instagram page
Self-proclaimed queen of ‘momspiration’, fitness guru Shonda has gained a whopping
2.4 MILLION followers on Instagram with her daily workout videos, amazing recipe ideas
and fun family photos.

nike running Instagram page
Already an avid runner or looking to ease yourself into the sport? Make sure you’re following
the Nike Running page for scenic shots, outfit planning and inspiring captions to help you
on your fitness journey.

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