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G Star Raw - A Raw Insight

The atmosphere within G Star Raw must be buzzing with each employee representing an excited electron and this would have been the feeling for some time now.
Many factors will contribute to this, such as the exciting new product designs, the arrival of style icon, musician and businessman Pharrell Williams but the main factor will be the company’s vision.

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The vision that G Star Raw expressess is one of innovation which has not been seen in a fashion high street brand for a very long time! Whilst others might look back with nostalgia for inspiration, G Star Raw are looking to the future which is exciting as it creates much anticipation for their latest unpredictable range.

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The introduction of Pharrell Williams is a statement of true intent by the company as they have appointed him with the expectation that he will push the boundaries of the high street apparel industry and elevate the company into a new dimension.

The Co owner came with a major impact in terms of innovation, as not only G Star bring on board a marketing gem but Pharrell brought along Bionic. Now to me and you that won’t make sense but when you learn what Bionic is and what it stands for, it is a major step in the right direction towards innovation. Bionic is a textile company which produces yarn and fabrics from harmful material’s to the planet, which can then be used to create new sustainable products.

A major statement of their vision was the release of ‘Ocean’, a range which was defined by ‘Turning the tide on ocean plastic pollution’. A major step towards their vision and goals was accomplished with the release of this range as no other high street brand had accomplished anything like this at the time. The range is constructed using the ocean plastic which is broken down and reconstructed into a fibre which is then woven into the other materials to create the fabric and the garment shape.

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The latest range is providing just as much innovation in style as well as production, with the construction of shapes that the denim jeans form. Pieter Krool, Head of 3D design and Rebekka Bach, Head of womens design speak with much passion when they state that they strive for perfection within their denim fits – even pushing themselves outwith their comfort zone by designing denim canoes, and even denim suits for dogs!

These experiments clearly aid developing each new piece as the AW16 range hosts an array of carefully contructed items that scream attention to detail. These include the icon pouch, ergonomic sweatpants, 3D Tapered Jeans, and many many more…

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To quote G Stars recently appointed co-owner and Head of Imagination Pharrell Williams ‘The real definition of RAW is what’s underneath’ We couldn’t agree more Pharrell!

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Team USC are loving the new AW 16 G Star collection so check it out here!