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Festival Fields of Fashion

So you’ve seen the #nofilterneeded Coachella pictures of 2016, where there’s just no need to edit LA sun-kissed skin or the glistening backdrop of Palm Springs. And now we’re on the countdown to the UK’s festival season – cue #mudeverywhere. But just because the English festival scene doesn’t have any Colorado Desert type scenery to help out with your selfie lighting, it doesn’t mean your fiesta style will get any less likes. So come rain or shine (or hail or not ruling out a little bit of snow) bring on Glastonbury, V and Bestival, wellies and all.

The whole reason you were perched on the very edge of your seat waiting patiently, ahem, in that online queue for festival tickets, palms sweating, is to make this summer the best yet – to make musical memories with your favourites, taste test burgers in the name of research and enjoy everything that makes an English summer festival, well English. The festival fields can be trendy places and a point where two loves unite – namely music and fashion. You’ve sorted the music side and Spotified to your heart’s content ready to soak up the tunes and we’ve sorted the fashion side so you can enjoy every second of muddy bliss in effortless style.

Enjoy our pick of classic festival must-haves, a touch of ready-for-all-four-seasons-practicality (your mum can thank us later) and on point finishing touches. We’re thinking a touch of denim, easy layering, sturdy footwear for a no fear approach to the festival toilet floor situation and bags that let you throw your hands up in the air like you just don’t care. From head to toe we’ve got you covered.

1. Soul Cal Rain Mac Ladies 600526
2. Only Dolly Print T-Shirt 656731
3. Converse Dainty Mid Womens Trainers 247106
4. Soul Cal Belted Shorts 575234
5. Mi Pac Zip Bum Bag 750154
6. USC Triangle Cut Out Multipack Earrings 771242
7. Rock and Rags Aztec Cape 902335
8. Soul Cal Festival Wellies 180000
9. Only Iniki Top 656141
10. Only Lamponi Top 571271
11. Firetrap Cowboy Hat 396003
12. USC Shell Choker Necklace 770676
13. Lipsy Rose Gold Aviator Sunglasses 756807
14. Levis 501 Womens Shorts 5742231
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