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Fashion -- Clash : Top 5 Things to do in London

The tube associations – horrendously inaccurate yet arty! My first pick is kind of chilled – a picnic in the park. Whenever I venture to London it’s normally around mid-day when I arrive. The train journey is tiring enough even before I’ve hit the shops so time to relax is just what I need when the hustle and bustle of city life hits me – usually in the form of a briefcase on the crowded tube. I’ll usually grab some lunch (cannot beat a take-out from EAT) and head to Hyde Park to soak in the laid-back atmosphere until I feel refuelled and ready to go again!

I’m huge fan of the West End and try to see shows as much as I can when visiting London – so far I’m on 13 and still can't pin point my favourite. I would definitely recommend giving the West End a chance, even if you’re adamant it’s not really your thing. At first, I was reluctant wondering how I’d survive 3 hours of actors repeatedly breaking out into song and dance, however, after watching my first musical I was blown away by the pure talent the people in these productions possess and ever since I’ve been addicted to watching them.


The Berkley Hotel is without a doubt my favourite place and normally my excuse to take a trip to London. Only a five minute walk away from Harrods it offers an incredible fashion-themed afternoon tea service. I mean c’mon: clothing shaped cakes – what’s not to love? They take inspiration from the latest LFW trends and transform the pieces into edible designs. Even the finest details like the menu are conceptually designed to make you feel more like you’re reading a Lookbook than the specials!

No stay in London is complete without a mammoth shopping trip down Oxford Street. All of the flagship stores are at your fingertips and that’s a good enough reason to let myself off for blowing last months wages in one hit. I could literally spend my entire day down this one street, admiring the eccentric visual merchandising and in-store layouts.


The fifth and final activity is to DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT. I try to make the most of new experiences and London certainly has an endless list of unique activities to partake in. In the past, I’ve been to Kew Gardens, visited the famous Portobello Market in Notting Hill, took a boat ride down the Thames and dined out in some lovely restaurants – Gordon Ramsay’s being my ultimate treat! I have definitely made some of my best memories in this city and have a few cocktail bars in mind for my next visit – plus taking a peek in the new USC store on Oxford Street which I’m certain I won’t miss on my shopping adventures!

Carly was the winner of our #USCOXFORDSTREET blogger competition! We loved that she split her entry down by tube stops – a perfect guide for passing some time in London! If you liked Carly’s blog, you can find her here  fashion—

If you’re curious about our new Oxford Street store, come along and visit us! Why not check out this virtual tour with our content creator Ashleigh to have a look at what the store has to offer!