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Epic Celebrity Twitter Feuds

This week, Nicki Minaj took to Twitter to relieve some anger. Apparently, she wasn’t too
pleased with the fact that Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ landed a spot in the 2015 VMA ‘Best Video’
category and ‘Anaconda’, didn’t.

So while we sat and enjoyed watching the drama unravel (everyone stares at Twitter
all night, right?!), we thought it would be the perfect time to look back on our favourite
celebrity Twitter feuds so far:

1. Khloe Kardashian vs. Amber Rose
khloe Kardashian and amber rose

During a radio interview, Miss Rose called Kylie Jenner ‘a baby’ and claimed that Tyga
should be ‘ashamed of himself’ for being with the 17-year-old instead of the
mother of his child (and her close friend).
And Khloe, was not impressed.

khloe and amber twitter fight 1

Despite making a fair point, Amber refused to let the Kardashian have the last word
and instead she laid into Khloe’s sister, Kim.

khloe and amber twitter fight 2

But Khloe refused to rise to Kanye’s ex, so she merely pointed out that Amber shouldn’t
have commented about something she doesn’t understand…

khloe and amber twitter fight 3

The response? Well, it seemed that Amber Rose had ran out of useful comebacks,
so she simply replied “#dontpanic", the name of a French Montana song
(who just so happened to be Khloe’s boyfriend at the time)"

Jennifer Lawrence jokes gif

2. Iggy Azalea vs. Snoop Dogg iggy azalea and snoop dogg

Okay, so we admit that this one’s a Twitter/Instagram hybrid feud, but it’s hilarious,
so it still counts.
It all started when good old Snoop uploaded a picture on Instagram
of a man with cornrows in his hair and captioned it: “Iggy Azalea No Makeup"…

iggy azalea no make up meme

Of course, the Aussie rapper didn’t take too well to that (can you blame her?!)
and called the rap legend out, via Twitter…

iggy azalea snoop dogg twitter

But Azalea’s secret fan girl never responded… well at least not directly.
Instead he decide to ‘make light of the situation’ on Instagram…

snoop dogg Instagram 1

snoop dogg vs iggy azalea Instagram

And he didn’t stop there, he went on to call her the B word which was just too
much for the female rapper, who also got nasty with this (later deleted) image…

snoop dogg vs iggy azalea Insta

Refusing to get serious, the 43-year-old artist only expressed hope that his Aunt
would in fact become clean with the phrase, “hahahahahahahaha"
(we hope he was joking).

Then came nothing but silence until Snoop posted a video of apology to the young
rapper, building a bridge between the two. Despite kissing and making up,
Iggy didn’t let him have the last laugh. Oh no. Instead, she dressed up like
this for Halloween…

iggy azalea white chicks

boom gif

3. Cheryl Fernandez-Versini vs. Cher Lloyd cheryl and cher lloyd

This one didn’t exactly last very long (mainly because Cheryl quickly put the
young look-a-like in her place), but it was a good’un while it did!
During a radio interview (if nothing else, we have learnt the danger of the radio!),
the ex X-Factor contestant snubbed the Geordie beauty and claimed that she
relies on ‘auto-tune’ while performing.

Low blow, Cher… low blow.

But it didn’t take long for the X-Factor judge to catch wind of Cher’s cold words,
and swiftly shut her up…

Cheryl tweet

Very good Cheryl!

gary barlow gif

4. Lily Allen vs. Katie Hopkins lily allen and Katie hopkins

If we underlined every single feud that these ladies share, we would be here ALL DAY.
So, instead we’ll just show the one that started it all off. During an interview with Heat,
Hopkins slayed into Allen’s pregnancy, which according to her only consisted of the
singer ‘gaining two stone’.

The professional troll then went on to claim Lily became bored of being a wife when
she realized it was her daddy’s name that made her famous, so wanted it back. Ouch.

The singer took no time to respond to Hopkins, and tweeted…
lily allen Katie Hopkins feud

Girl defended her body.
khloe kardashian gif

4. Taylor Swift vs. Katy Perry katy perry and taylor swift

In case you were wondering, Katy’s input on the current feud between Swifty
and Nicki Minaj (in which she claimed Taylor trampled on people to get to the
top), is not the first time Perry and Tay Tay have come head to head.

The 25-year-old has basically admitted (without naming names) that ‘Bad Blood’ is actually
about their beef… but what exactly is that beef?
Well, there has been speculation that is all began because Katy Perry started
dating Taylor’s ex, John Mayer in 2012… despite them both openly ignoring it. But given
that before then the two were basically in love (and a little bit annoying) on Twitter,
it seems a bit suspicious…

katy perry and taylor swift twitter

We get it girls, we get it.

But as soon as Perry jumped in on Taylor’s man (risky business), the VMA embrace
went from this in 2011…

katy perry and taylor swift vmas 2011

To this in 2013…

katy perry and taylor swift vmas 2013


But despite these juicy interpretations, Tay Tay told Rolling Stone Magazine
that Katy (without naming her, of course) “basically tried to sabotage an entire
arena tour by hiring a bunch of people out from under me."

And after the ‘Dark Horse’ singer posted a photo on twitter of a cake she
previously made a backup dancer a year prior (next to a very similar
cake that Swifty had made for the same dancer while he worked with her on her Red tour)
and captioned it ‘Mothers always watching’, it seems Taylor’s accusations are justified.

katy perry taylor swift birthday cakes

Despite her supposed sabotage, Russell Brand’s ex sent out a very simple, yet clear
tweet after Swifty’s interview, linking the blonde babe to Regina George from Mean Girls.

katy perry regina george tweet

Our belief is that Taylor probably responded like this…

regina george shut up gif

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