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Easy DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

The countdown is on… Halloween is nearly here! True to form, we’ve forgotten about planning our costume until now , so we’ve scoured tumblr and pinterest to get some easy DIY ideas. The key to the ideal Halloween costume for us is minimal effort for maximum impact – these costumes featuring some of our favourite characters from the worlds of TV & Film are sure to impress and can be made up using items from your wardrobe.

Have you ever felt personally victimized by Regina George? Avoid the Burn Book this Halloween with a Mean Girls inspired costume! Remember when Janice cut holes in Regina’s cami top and she accidentally started a trend? All you need for this outfit is some gym shorts and 2 cami tops – layer them over each other and cut some holes in the top one, Fetch!

Rock and Rags Essential Cami in Berry | Rock and Rags Essential Cami in Blue | Only Play Mesh Shorts | Adidas Neo Trainers

In West Philadelphia, born & raised – the king of 90s style is a failsafe Halloween choice. You’ll need a brightly coloured cap, plenty of patterns and some bright trainers. The really impressive part is if you manage to get your hair into Will signature style, also – extra points if you convince your best friend to go as Carlton…

Cayler & Sons Rainmaker Snapback | New Era Sorry I’m Fresh T Shirt | SoulCal Signature Sweatpants | DKNY Fairisle Wool Jumper | Puma Future XS 500 Trainers

Get ready to unleash your inner geek with our favourite couples costume – The Big Bang Theory’s Amy & Sheldon. Brush up on ‘The Relationship Agreement’ and remember – no hand holding! For the boys it’s layering a long sleeved t-shirt under a graphic t-shirt and pairing it with some beige chinos and brogues. For the ladies, Amy’s signature mousey brown locks with some striped knitwear, pattern clashing, colored tights and brown brogues. Bazinga!

Jack & Jones Vintage T Shirt | Converse Baseball T Shirt | Franklin and Marshall Chinos | Firetrap Triumph Mens Brogues | Hilfiger Denim Womens Knitted Jumper | SoulCal Checked Womens Kilt | SoulCal Teal Tights | Rock & Rags Womens Brogues

Every girl wanted to be ‘Bad Sandy’ and there’s few fictional high school characters that are as cool as Danny Zucko; get your favourite T-Birds & Pink Ladies together for this timeless group costume. It’s big hair and pin up style costumes for the girls and plain t-shirts with jeans for the boys – don’t forget a leather jacket and a signature comb.

Firetrap Blackseal PU Mens Bomber Jacket | Diesel Dave White T Shirt | Diesel Waykee 830Z Jeans | Glamorous Peasant Top | Glamorous Dance Pants | Rock and Rags Wedges | Tie Front Crop Shirt | Glamorous Houndstooth Shorts | Diesel Dave Black T Shirt | Jack & Jones Black Jeans

And if you REALLY run out of time – don’t forget the classics…