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Dads Who Are Winning at Parenting

Despite their cringey banter with your mates and questionable dress sense,
we'd be lost without them.

No matter what time of day or night we need them, they're always available
to come to the rescue as your personal taxi service, ATM, bodyguard and
chef (but only when mum's not home to cook your favourite).

With Father's Day just around the corner, we pay homage to our favourite
internet dads who are totally nailing this whole parenting thing:

1. This Prankster
best dad text

2. The Tooth Fairy
dad tooth fairy fail

3. Queen Elsa
dad dresses up as elsa from frozen

4. Whoever Had Their Priorities Right
homemade swing

5. Baby Driving Instructor
dad humor baby driving

6. This Tough Guy
dad humor baby driving

7. Whoever This Taylor Swift Fan Is
dad humor on facebook

8. Cliff
dad humor dangerous cliff

9. This Embarrassing Dad
embarrassing dad

10. And This Cruel Joker
cruel dad joke

11. This Photobomber
dad photobomb

12. This Comic
dad humor

13. This Dad Who's Proving a Point
short shorts dad

14. This Selfie God
dad mocking selfie

15. And Finally The Dad Who's Over This Day Out
dad mocking selfie