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Candy Cane Inspired Nail Art Tutorial

We’ve gone full-festive at USC HQ (might have something to do with all the advent fun..) and we can’t wait for the big day. Christmas is all about the little details and making an extra effort, so this year we met up with Nail Art enthusiast, Risa Moro, to get some ideas for Christmas Day nails that will add something extra to the celebrations. The first in the series are these gorgeous candy cane inspired nails – the perfect sweet treat to add to your holiday look, follow our step by step guide to re-create the nails at home.

Firstly get your supplies together, you will need Models Own Diamond Luxe Polish in Heart Red, Models Own Hyper Gel Polish in White and a topcoat and basecoat of your choice. In addition to this you will also need sellotape and some scissors.

1. Prepare the nails and use a base coat to protect them from the red varnish, once you’ve got the nails prepped for your design – paint each nail with one layer of the Diamond Luxe Polish in Heart Red.

2. Once the nail varnish has completely dried, cut out triangles from strips of sellotape. Rub each of the triangles onto some cloth before sticking them to the middle of the nails, this ensures they are not too sticky and won’t damage or peel the red layer.

3. When the triangles of sellotape are attached to every nail, make sure they are properly stuck before moving on to the next step. Next, take the Models Own Hyper Gel Polish in White and paint a layer over each nail then once covered peel the triangles of sellotape off immediately.

4. Once complete and fully dry apply a layer of topcoat onto the nails to protect the design.

Christmas ready Candy cane inspired nails it 4 easy steps! Check out our current selection of beauty gifts as a small treat for yourself or a cute stocking filler for someone else. If you give this look a go – tag us on Instagram using @uscfashion so we can see the results! To see more from Risa, follow her on instagram (@RisaMoro) or twitter (@risamoro).