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All Stars, All Weather - Meet Converse Shield!

When you have designed one of the most iconic shoes of all time which stood the test of time since the 1920’s, it would be understandable if Converse left the All Star shoe alone and let the iconic design sell itself.

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Now with it coming into winter and the rain becoming the normal thing to wake up to, the number of converse seen on the street will be slowly diminishing! However Converse are already one step ahead and have released their new season of the All Star shoe which is the Counter Climate Shield. This is a dream to all converse lovers as it means you can wear your converse all year round.

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It is like Converse have took their inspiration from their original roots when they created galoshes (waterproof over shoe which is made from rubber). Then they have decided to incorporate this with the All Star which is such a simple idea but at the same time is verging on genius!

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This shoe will be perfect for winter and the elements that come with this season. As the shoe does not compromise it’s iconic still for its new technology. The technology will no doubt keep your feet dry and with increase comfort due to the addition of the Nike Lunarlon sockliner which in English mean that as well as the shell of the shoe the inside of the shoe is also been designed with natures element’s in mind.

How To Wear Them

Here is some inspiration on how you can look stylish in your Converse Shields this winter!
White Converse
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Black Converse
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Colour Converse
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