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6 Easy Drinking Games Every Fresher Should Know

So you’ve arrived on campus, ready to start the new term. But first…

Getting involved in Fresher’s Week is the best way to start the year.
You’ll get to know your new room-mates, class-mates and experience the best clubs around town (or at least until your student loan runs out and mum bails you out).

Here are 6 of the easiest, but best, drinking games you should have up your sleeve for your first party at the new digs:

Drink While You Think
drink while you think

Everyone sit in a circle or round a table.
First person gives a famous name such as Elvis Presley.
The next person has to immediately give a famous name whose first
name begins with the same letter as the last name of the previous person.

Eg. Elvis Presley >> Paris Hilton >> Hugh Jackman … you get the idea!

If someone says a name whose first & last name begin with the same letter
(i.e. Kim Kardashian), then the rules of play are reversed.
Players must drink constantly while they think of a name / if they give a name that’s already been given or give a name that is deemed unacceptable by the group.

The Ke$ha Game
kesha drinking game

This one’s easy. Just repeat every last word you say-say.
If you forget, take a drink.

T-Rex Arms
t rex arms drinking game

Every time you go to take a drink you need to lock your arms in at
your sides to give you T-Rex arms. If you forget – drink again!

roxanne drinking game

All you need to play this is a phone or laptop to play ‘Roxanne’ by the Police.
Girls, every time you hear ‘Roxanne’ sung – stand up and take a drink.
Guys – it’s your turn every time you hear ‘put on a red light’.

Drunk Jenga
jenga drinking game

If you struggle to play this sober just wait ’til you try this version!
The game follows the rules of regular Jenga. Each player must take a turn
removing a brick from the tower with 1 hand.
If the block is successfully removed – follow the rule written on it. If the tower collapses you need to finish your drink!

Never Have I Ever
never have I ever rules

Everyone sit in a circle with a drink (you definitely don’t want shots for
this one…). The first player announces something they’ve never done, for
example: ‘Never have I ever been to a football match’.
All the players who have been to football matches would then need to take a drink, and so on.