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5 Travellers We Recommend On Instagram

As the winter cold begins to set in, woolly layers start to build and the days begin to shorten. It would be understandable if the summer blues are beginning to creep in. Therefore here at USC we have created this blog of travellers to follow to keep your summer blues at bay and to inspire your next adventure.

Jay Alvarrez (@jayalvarrez)

It is no surprise that Jay Alvarrez boasts such a large Instagram following, as he has lifestyle to die for and incredible looks. This may sound good already but once you witness the activities he gets up to, such as jumping out of planes and off his rooftop into his pool, it is no wonder that we strongly recommend to follow his account.

Matt Gibson (@xpatmatt)

Having managed to establish himself accidently within the travel bloggers he has made sure to cement his spot on our list! With great pictures of his travels and well-constructed blogs, it is a great follow to have on your Instagram feed. Join him now and witness the photos of Singapore, before he takes on his next big adventure.

Janet Newingham (@janetnewingham)
roxanne drinking game

Janet Newenham’s colourful photography is a good way to brighten up your Instagram. She manages to capture the colour of her surroundings to create this dreamy effect of the location which she is exploring.


Stories of Adventure (@stories_ofadventure)

roxanne drinking game

A must follow for all students! If you want to travel the world on a budget then this is worth a follow. Being student’s themselves, Cole and India will show you how to do it cheaply. With great blogs and wonderful pictures, it is definitely worth following Stories Of Adventure.

Matt Long(@Landlopers)

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If the cheap travels of Stories of Adventure isn’t your style then follow the incredible Land Lopers. Matt will go to the same locations as many other travel bloggers, however he will do it in a more luxurious style. With this guy on your Instagram, your bank account will definitely drop, so you can taste the life of Matt.

If you're favourite Instagram account did not make our list, be sure to leave it in the comments below.