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5 Dating Profile Lies to Look Out For

Did you make meeting ‘the one’ your New Year’s resolution for this year?

With over 9 million of us Brits now using online dating services to find love, finding Mr or Mrs right could be as easy as swiping right on your smartphone.
As well as sending you potential matches straight to your inbox, dating sites these days can also give you the freedom to search for people with similar interests, within a certain age range, people who live near by and if you’re REALLY fussy, you can even filter your matches right down to a preferred hair colour or body type! With competition to win over the opposite sex at an all time high, it’s becoming harder to tell who’s genuine and who’s lying on their online profile to get your attention.
To avoid any first date hiccups and the embarrassment of explaining yourself when you really hit it off, we’ve picked the top 5 lies to look out for when scrolling through your potential dates. Beware though, if any of these apply to your own bio you might want to reconsider what you’ve written!

"I’m totally career driven and dedicated to my job!!"
- I hate Mondays and I hate my boss.

"I don’t really have a type"
- But if you happen to have blonde hair, blue eyes & 
are great with kids that would be fine.

"I love keeping fit and going to the gym"
- The walk to the fridge for snacks counts, right?

"I keep up to date with current affairs and the economy"
- I’m following The LAD Bible on Facebook.

"I love meeting new people"
- I don’t do hugs.

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