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2014 - The Best Bits

From Kim Kardashian’s raunchy photo-shoot to Royal babies, Taylor Swift and a lot of heartache from Ryan Gosling (thanks Ryan), it’s undoubtedly been an eventful 12 months! As 2014 comes to an end and it’s time to start thinking of those ambitious new year’s resolutions we’ll try and stick to next year… well, until February at the very least – we’ll always remember 2014 as the year when…

1. Bradley Cooper & Ellen took the best A-List selfie. Ever.

2. Ryan Gosling devastated women everywhere with his baby news.

3. Gangnam Style became the 1st YouTube video to get over 2 BILLION views!

4. Pitbull borrowed some trousers from the missus for the World Cup opening ceremony.

5. Kim Kardashian attempted to ’Break the Internet’ (and done not a bad job)!

6. Mean Girls turned 10.

7. Brangelina FINALLY tied the knot – and the dress was everything we hoped it would be!

8. Lee Nelson tried to board England’s World Cup plane.

9. Becky, AKA Taylor Swift, totally owned this.

10. Lewis Hamilton won the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

11. Ice Bucket Challenge vids dominated Facebook.

12. ‘YOLO’, ‘FML’ & ‘Amazeballs’ got added to the dictionary.

13. Glasgow put on one hell of a show for the 2014 Commonwealth Games!

14. K-Mid & William announced they are expecting Royal Baby #2!

15. Rob Delaney & Sir Patrick Stewart hijacked David Cameron’s ‘important tweet’.

16. Linda wasn’t listening.

17. John Lewis made us cry, again, with Monty the penguin.

18. ‘Bae’ happened.

19. Solange attacked Jay Z and Beyoncé just stood there.

20. We got excited about Christmas WAY too early, thanks to Disney’s Frozen.