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12 Times Khloé Kardashian Totally Got Us

Khloé is easily the best Kardashian. She is fun, beautiful and she owns it… whatever ‘it’ may be at the time. Who wouldn’t want her to be their BFF, really?

In celebration of her recent divorce from Lamar (seriously, that ONLY just happened), and her amazing cover shoot for Complex Magazine, we just want to take some time to appreciate all the times that Khloé Kardashian was scarily on point and completely got us and our lives…

1. 1) When your friend drags you to the club on a Friday night despite you having a date arranged with Netflix…
khloe kardashian quote

2. When you make BFFs with a stranger after a few cocktails… ‘Wanna take a selfie?’
khloe Kardashian koala selfie

3. Everything. Anything. EVER.
khloe Kardashian deal with it

4. When your friend asks you if her butt looks big…
khloe Kardashian insecurities

5. When the clock strikes 5pm on a Friday!
khloe Kardashian happy face

6. When your friend couldn’t handle Piper getting it on with Alex again in OITNB…
khloe Kardashian who cares

7. After every break-up we’ve ever had.
khloe Kardashian men suck

8. When your housemate asks you if you want any steamed beetroot… or whatever.
khloe Kardashian get over yourself

9. Whenever your mum calls and asks you do so something.
khloe Kardashian phonecall

10. When your SO won’t let you watch PLL.
khloe Kardashian sad face

11. When you get approached by a salesperson at the mall.
khloe Kardashian stop talking to me

12. Out for lunch with your couple friends who don’t understand PDA limitations…
khloe Kardashian oh stop