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10 of Our Favourite Dad Texts

Our 10 Favourite Fathers Day Texts

No matter how hip, cool or up to date they are you can always recognise a Dad text when you see one. Arguably a thing of beauty, usually utterly exasperating, but we wouldn’t change their messaging style for the world. In honour of Father’s Day we take a look at our 10 favourite Dad texts.

1. The ''Classic'' Dad text
The ''Classic'' Dad text.

2. The “Yeah that’s really not funny” Dad text..
Lipsy Tie Blouse

3. The “Easily amused” Dad text.
Lipsy Double Zip Shopper Bag

4. The “Not not so hilarious overly literal” Dad text.
Rock & Rags Denim Midi Skirt

5. The “I hope you get a root canal” Dad text.
Noisy May Nina Cardigan

6.The “I have no words” Dad text.
Noisy May Nina Cardigan

7. The “I love you too” Dad text..
Calvin Klein Bralette

8. The “I hope you’re joking” Dad text.
Rock & Rags Bomber Jacket

9.The “Is it really that difficult to remember more than one name” Dad text.
AX Paris Floral Skater Dress

10. The “I’m so glad we regularly make time to communicate” Dad text.
CAT Colorado Boots
But no matter how frustrating Dads may be we’ll always we’ll always love ‘em. Give them the treat they deserve here.