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10 Ways to Beat the Back to Work Blues

Hailed as one of the most depressing days of the year, the Christmas break is over and everyone’s got to go back to work. After spending the last week in your onesie eating leftovers and selection boxes while on an impressive Netflix binge, nobody wants to put their professional head back on and get prepared for the morning commute! Need some help? Choose a few ideas from our list to generate some positive vibes on your first day back to reality….

Change your Coffee order

Variety is the spice of life – if you used a double shot latte to get you through every rush hour train journey in 2014, try something different this year, or even just treat yourself for one day to get you past the post-Christmas blues. Find the most extravagant hot chocolate on the menu and get all the extras. Do I want to add marshmallows? I think you already know the answer to that.

Book a Summer Holiday

We always need something to look forward to if we want to stay motivated, nothing sends you into procrastinating mode quicker than boredom with your routine. Start planning a trip you’ve been thinking about going on. New year is the perfect time to make some plans, don’t be put off by budget, start problem solving and get yourself to where you want to be. That could be a backpacking trip around the world or a messy week in Ayia Napa – it’s your goal, you make the rules! Just start counting down the days.

Go Shopping on your Lunch

Retail therapy is definitely a real thing – if you’ve got a bad case of the back to work blues, have a quick browse around the shops at lunch. If you don’t work near the city, try some online shopping on your phone – you can check out our latest sale bargains while you eat your sandwiches! New shoes are scientifically proven to help you rise above any challenges you might face during the day (*probably).

Top Up Your Meme Folder

You know that selection of hilarious memes you have in work, the ones you reserve purely for your most sarcastic co-workers? Nothing beats getting someone back for a passive aggressive e-mail than catching them out with a hilarious meme. Over the past year, they’ve probably seen all your best ones, up your game in 2015 and come back with some new classics! Here’s a few of our personal favourites (P.S. Don’t use any of these on your boss or co-workers that have no sense of humour..) :

1. This one is Perfect for when someone’s trying to get you to do a really boring task that you know is completely unnecessary. Alternatively when they try and get you to go for a coffee run and you’re just not feeling it. HOW ABOUT NO.

2. This one Does what it says on the tin, you’ve made a hilarious joke and it’s went down like a lead balloon; Simon Cowell’s cheeky “SOZ!" face is the only way to come back from that.

3. This one is for when you're completely on the ball and you’ve just solved a huge issue everyone was having. You need to let everyone know what's up and who better than Ron Burgundy to tell them? Save these images to your documents and become the King or Queen of comebacks. You are so welcome!

Get your Favourite Food for Lunch

You’ve got the rest of the week to start worrying about your ‘New Year, New You’ diet – today is about trying to deal with the end of your Christmas break. Don’t try to add insult to injury by picking up a salad for lunch. Are you a pizza fanatic? Do you like a footlong sub with everything on it? Go treat yourself, everyone’s too busy wishing they were still in their bed to judge!

Say YES to Love

Could this be the year you meet the love of your life? Well unless you’re very lucky, a meet-cute situation is not going to randomly materialise in real life – you need to be proactive about it. To spice up your journey to work , swipe right to the first 10 people that appear on your Tinder profile. Chances are none of them are “the one" but why rule it out? Also, at the very least a random weirdo will probably have told you how good you look by lunch time – a midday confidence boost after attending to 3504359434542 unread e-mails.

Song Titles Game

Do you have a partner in crime in your office? Chances are they were also dreading the first day back after the holidays. Try and lighten the mood a bit by suggesting song titles that you both have to try and fit into your first meeting or conference call of the day. Choose a particular artist or movie soundtrack – the less obvious, the better e.g. One Direction "Story of my life" "You & I" "They Don't Know about us" - whoever wins gets a free lunch!

Unfriending / Unfollowing Spree

Downsizing and de-cluttering will help you feel motivated for the first day back at work, if your not in the mood to get up early and clear out your wardrobe a simple cull of the worst offenders on your Facebook friend list should do the trick. The school friend who uploads loads of selfies of them after the gym with motivational messages, the acquaintance that always accidentally posts spoilers or the person who is old enough to know better and still posts cryptic statuses like ‘I always do this, I should have known better….’ – BLOCKED. Doesn’t that feel good?

Countdown Timer

If you’re a firm believer in Wizzard’s 1973 hit & still wish it could be Christmas everyday, you’ll be feeling pretty down right about now. Try and cheer yourself back up by going on the app store and downloading a countdown timer – start the countdown to the 25th of December 2015 today and watch as the seconds slip away until your next round of mince pies and turkey.

Phone in Sick

Career wise it’s a bad move and calling in sick on January the 5th is always going to look fairly dodgy – however it certainly beats the back to work blues! The only issue is, you’ll still have to deal with them all tomorrow. Also, remember not to go bouncing back into work the next day – if you’ve pleaded food poisoning, at least try to look a little defeated.

Disclaimer - probably don’t follow every one of these suggestions exactly if you want to be employed come February! Let us know how you get on at your first day back on twitter using @uscfashion.