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10 Top On-Screen Proms

Prom season’s finally here!
After seeing all the gorgeous dresses from American proms over the
weekend, we’ve been looking out our favourite films with iconic prom
scenes to get us excited for the big day. Check out our top 10!:

ten things I hate about you prom scene
You finally make it to senior prom with the one guy from school
who’s managed to win you over, only to find out you’ve been part
of a bet between him and the popular kid the whole time.
Not cool, Patrick.
On the plus side though, your favourite band make a guest appearance
and even come down to the dance floor and sing to you personally.

mean girls prom scene
In an effort to make things right after the Burn Book riots, L-Lo
gives an inspiring speech at the NorthShore High Spring Fling,
breaking up her crown and throwing the pieces to all the girls in the
crowd who were hurt by the comments in the book.
(…and none for Gretchen Wieners, bye!)

carrie prom scene
If there was ever a movie to put you OFF going to prom, cult horror
classic ‘Carrie’ was it. The first to show one of the cruellest high
school pranks we’ve seen on-screen, Carrie provides a whole range
of shocks and thrills that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat. Make
sure you catch the original before watching the 2013 remake!

american pie prom
The first instalment of the American Pie franchise follows wannabe
womanizer Jim + his group of boisterous friends on a mission to
‘become men’ before prom night. A disgustingly funny and
accurate portrayal of high school culture (don’t even try to deny it)!

grease rydell high school dance
Cha Cha DiGregorio, ‘the best dancer at St. Bernadette’s’, causes
a rama-lama-ding-dong at the Rydell High school dance when
she steals Danny Zuko from Sandy and goes on to win the dance
contest with him. Gutted none of our school dances ever made it on tv.

pretty in pink
Even though he breaks it off with her before the big day, Andie still
manages to get the guy of her dreams after turning up at prom
with best mate Duckie (the king of the friend zone) in her cute
handmade pink dress.

the big bang theory prom episode
‘The Prom Equivalency’ episode of our favourite show follows the
gang’s efforts to re-enact prom night as couples. Packed with
the usual hilarity, romantic rooftop dancing and Sheldon Cooper
dropping the L bomb, this is not an episode of TBBT you want to miss.

never been kissed prom
As if going through high school once isn’t traumatic enough!
After managing to finally fit in with the cool kids, Josie reveals
her true identity as an undercover writer during prom night,
upsetting her new best friend, the popular girls and ultimately her
super cute English teacher Mr Coulson.

harry potter yule ball hermione
So it’s not your typical high school ‘prom’, but the Hogwarts
Yule Ball ranks just as importantly in the teenage world of wizardry!
Hermione looked stunning it her pink ombre gown and perfectly
curled updo. Shame about Ron’s tux though…

shes all that prom dance
Dubbed as one of the most memorable dance scenes of the 90s,
we’re STILL obsessed with that flawless choreographed number
from She’s All That! We’re also still insanely jealous that Freddie
Prinze Jr. wasn’t our actual date and that Usher didn’t DJ at our
prom either, but whatever.

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