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10 Things You Didn't Know About Converse


1. The basic design of the Chuck Taylor Converse All Stars hasn’t changed since 1949 – they look pretty much the same now as they did when your Grandad was wearing them.

2. When launched in 1908, Converse sneakers only cost $1. You could have bought 50 pairs for what 1 pair will set you back today.

3. Who even is Chuck Taylor? Chuck Taylor, a man synonymous with Converse shoes, was a basketball player who became a salesman for the brand and promoted them tirelessly as the number one basketball shoe.

4. In 1936, Converse All-Stars were worn by team USA in the first ever Olympic basketball game, they went on to win 7 medals wearing them. This was the first time White Converse were introduced.

5. During World War II, American soldiers trained in All-Stars. If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for us!

6. Celebrities and tastemakers have always been fans of Converse. James Dean, David Bowie and Kurt Cobain all owned a pair of trusty Chuck Taylors.

7. The Ramones like to wear converse because, according to Tommy Ramone, in the ‘60s and ‘70s it was “Punky and Snotty" to wear sneakers instead of shoes.

8. The members of NWA loved to wear black converse all stars. They were inspired by gangsters wearing them with khaki trousers and white t-shirts.

9. A pair of converse shoes are sold every 43 seconds, that is A LOT of sneakers.

10. Converse have been immortalised on the big screen numerous times, they can be spotted in Harry Potter, Back to the Future, Wayne’s World and Footloose (to name a few)!

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