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10 Dogs You Should Be Following On Instagram


Tired of scrolling through the same old selfies, lunchtime #foodporn and hotdog legs on your
Instagram feed?
We’ve rounded up our 10 favourite dogs of Instagram who truly prove that pets do it best!
Click on the photos below to go straight to their profile.

trotterpup Instagram page
Check out the hilarious photo series of sassy French bulldog @trotterpup,
whose chic #OOTDs regularly feature her owners heels, jewellery & shades!

buddy and boo dog Instagram page
With over 500K followers, @buddyboowaggytails follows two of the world’s most
adorable Pomeranians, Buddy & Boo on their daily adventures (along with new
brother Blue and their ‘human’). Look out for cute outfits and famous faces!

Jeremy and norm the pug on instagram
@jermzlee captures the lives of professional lifestyle photographer Jeremy and
his BFF pug ‘Norm’ in a series of stunning shots.

menswear dog on instagram
Looking for the latest trend inspiration? Known as the most stylish dog in the
world, Menswear Dog shows us how it’s done in his seriously suave selfies.

maya the bulldog on instagram
Follow the adventures of Maya, the loveable bulldog from NYC, whose
updates often include a joke, fact of the day or funny costume!

digbyvanwinkle Instagram page
Digby & Alo are two gorgeous griffons from New Zealand. Their humorous
posts feature a whole host of cosplay classics, including the BEST Ewok
videos you’ll find online.

jiff the pomeranian Instagram page
Jiff is the world famous Pomeranian with the designer wardrobe of our
dreams and a list of celebrity friends to match!
Fun Fact: Jiff currently holds the world record for the ‘fastest dog on 2
legs’, which can be seen in Katy Perry’s Dark Horse video!

change the pit bull Instagram page
Meet Chango, a super photogenic 6 year old rescue dog from Chicago who’s
on a mission to change the way the world views pit-bulls -
one amazing selfie at a time.

Neville jacobs Instagram page
Of course you’re going to be the darling dog of the fashion industry when
you’ve got a dad like Marc Jacobs. Check out his latest posts, featuring his
stylish clothing collection and his BFF @choochoocharlies.

Otis barkington Instagram page
Otis the hispster Boston terrier shows us how to do Instagram right with
his witty captions, favourite beanie and thick rimmed glasses.