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'We Own Slim' - Diesel's James Mcdermott

Diesel's James McDermott Diesel Logo

Diesel fly the flag worldwide as the pioneers of denim, producing luxurious hand crafted jeans for the modern day man.We met up with Diesel's 5 Pocket Sales Executive James McDermott, to get some inside info on the 'We Own Slim' campaign that's just landed at USC this season.

Q. Hey James, great to chat to you, could you start off by telling us a bit more about the 'We Own Slim' campaign?
Hi. With slim fits being in such strong demand in the market place, we wanted to fulfil consumers' needs and make sure they are aware of the great slim range Diesel has to offer. We did this by picking three key styles - Waykee, Belther & Tepphar - that were specific for the UK market and promoted the great slim offer Diesel has. We worked with leading UK model Ricky Hall on a specific shoot for this that can currently be seen in USC windows & online.

Q. What are the key features that make these jeans stand out from the crowd?
Being the pioneers of treated denim, Diesel has always had a head start keeping the brand one step ahead of the pack. A lot of people don't know that each pair of Diesel 5 pocket is made individually and can take up to 48 hours to produce with all treatments such as scratching, whiskering, colour applications & fading manually applied. This really does make each pair of Diesel jeans unique and original. Treatments like the colour foaming on the Belther 815A allows for different colours on the inside and outside of the denim. Over time, the inside colour bleeds out and the two combine creating a one-of-a-kind wash. All Diesel jeans are made with the most premium cotton, disregarding all shorter strands which gives a uniform twill resulting in a authentic/vintage look.

Q. If a slim style isn't normally someone's first choice, will the denims within the 'We Own Slim' range still suit their needs?
The great thing about the We Own Slim range is that we can fulfil everyone's fit needs covering the three categories: regular, regular/slim and slim. The guy who wants a regular straight leg but a little bit slimmer after the knee, the best style for them is the Waykee. Belther is perfect for someone looking for a tailored look but not quite a slim and Tepphar services the customer wanting a real slim fit. The washes correlate to the fit with the clean wash seen on the Waykee to the mid-treatment on the Belther and more rock 'n' roll on the Tepphar.

Q. What is your favourite style, and why?
I love the Belther's one-of-a-kind construction but I'm definitely a Tepphar guy. Having a carrot fit in a slim is a great benefit as it allows for the classic slim look but with loads of extra room in the thigh. Combining the carrot with stretch fabric makes Tepphar the perfect fit for first time slim buyers who are a bit worried about comfort.

Q. Do you have any maintenance tips for keeping your Diesel jeans looking the best they can throughout wear?
I personally think washing your denim is sacrilege. If you need to freshen them up leave them in the freezer and drip dry in the bath. If you absolutely have to wash them, do it inside out to reduce the wash being affected and on a cold wash.

Our 'We Own Slim' product range is now available at USC - shop the range here, or shop our full Diesel range online here.